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What your warranty really protects you from

Specific conditions vary between brands, but it is crucial that you know what you are protected and not protected from in terms of your mattress warranty.


Sagging, or sinking, is the most common mattress defect covered under warranty. Today’s mattresses are designed to retain a firm, comfortable shape for long periods of time. While some sagging will naturally occur after years of use, premature or excessive sagging is often the result of a product defect such as a faulty innerspring, in most cases.

In most cases, your warranty will indicate a specific sagging depth; if the mattress sags below this threshold, then the manufacturer must replace the product free-of-charge. The sagging depth for most mattress warranties is 1.5 inches, although the warranties for some brands will cover products that sink more than three-quarters of an inch.

To accurately measure the sagging depth, first stretch a length of string over the entire width of a fully stripped mattress; when the line is taut, use a ruler or tape to measure the distance between the string and the deepest indentation.

Other physical defects

This could range from Problematic coils, undone seams and irregular bunching in certain areas, which is usually associated with foam mattresses

Ware from use

This should seem obvious but the more you use something the more it worsens. This is a place where you will not be covered when it comes to your sleeping surface becoming uneven from use, any discoloration from cleaning. Warranties are designed to protect consumers against product defects, not normal wear and tear.

Structural damage

This is referring to damage caused by you such as scuffs or tears that occur when moving, pet-related scratches or bites, and permanent indentations caused by someone jumping or falling on the mattress. I would be amazed if any mattress company had you covered for your own negligence.

Personal preference

Weird to think about but mattress warranties do not guarantee that the buyer will ‘like’ the mattress after using it, or that he or she will be satisfied with the product for as long as the warranty is valid. Unless caused by a measurable product defect, problems like ‘reduced comfort’ or ‘lack of softness’ are considered normal wear and tear and will not be covered under standard mattress warranties.

Replacements and repairs

Finally, warranties will not cover the cost of replacing non-defective pieces or parts. If, for example, a mattress comes with a single defect, then the manufacturer or seller is only responsible for replacing that particular component.

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