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The Importance of sleep

Even half the people who know they have a real sleeping disorder, like sleep apnea, still refuse to help their selves and is often not taken too seriously by many people. Sleeping is not something that only determines whether you are tired or alert. To put it simply, sleep can save your life. That is how important it is. Sleep is needed so everything in your body and mind can work correctly. Without it, or the continuous lack of, you may be flirting with death.

Rejoice if you can sleep well because around 50 – 70 million people in the U.S suffer from insomnia (can’t fall asleep well or stay asleep for long). To them, sleep is a luxury, while to others, it is something taken for granted or abused. So just how important is sleep?

Your dome (head)

The first signs you may be aware of when getting less than 6 hours of sleep is you feel tired, forgetful, irritable, and just not on the top of your game. Yet, in long term, it shows to everyone around you like bad job performance, mood swings, depression, and you turn into that person that no one really likes to be around. Actually, there was a study done on this by the Mental Health Foundation that found that people that didn’t get enough sleep were four times as likely to suffer from lack of concentration, have relationship problems and 3 times more likely to be depressed and 2.6 times more likely to commit suicide.

The bottom line is brain function is critical. Without proper sleep, the brain can’t regenerate properly. Then with time, it will literally take the best of you in the end.

Your lifeline (heart)

This statistic is overwhelming, but the University of Warwick did a study and they found that getting less than 6 hours of sleep on a continuous basis makes you 48% more likely to die of heart disease and 15% more likely in developing a stroke.  If you are over 65, you are 83% more likely to have high blood pressure which increases the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Your density (weight)

Sleep is directly correlated to weight, so if you care about your weight it is best to get your sleep! This is because your body requires energy, and if it can’t get it from sleep it will eat till it is satisfied.

Your expiry date (lifespan)

Again, many studies have been completed on the relation to longevity to sleep. Professor Kevin Morgan from Loughborough University’s sleep research team says that “those that sleep 7-9 hours live longer than those who sleep shorter or even longer”. You are 12% more likely to die over a 25 year period if you are not getting enough or too much sleep.

Your internal army (immune system)

When you are sleep deprived your immune system is weaker. This was found by testing rats then tested humans who had work shifts at night (bad sleeping habits are more common in night workers). The study showed you are more likely to get sick if you do not get enough sleep.

In final, sleep can save your life and others. If you have trouble sleeping, there are many natural tips you can try. If you are someone who doesn’t take sleep seriously, you may want to reconsider.

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