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Prorated & Non-Prorated Warranties explained

Firstly, whenever we refer to lifespan, we mean the length of time it is considered useful and comfortable for sleeping. So, let’s take a closer look at warranty length and mattress lifespan expectations. Many buyers assume that a warranty will cover a mattress for its entire lifespan.

However, this is rarely the case. The lifespan of a mattress usually falls short of the warranty length. Most exceptional quality mattresses should be replaced after seven years ― regardless of the warranty length. For this reason, prospective buyers should carefully consider purchasing a mattress with a warranty that extends beyond 10 years.


This is where you, as the owner will not pay out-of-pocket to repair or replace a mattress that has been deemed defective. However, the owner will often be responsible for transportation and inspection costs. Most mattress warranties of 10 years or less will feature exclusively non-prorated coverage; for warranties longer than 10 years, the non-prorated coverage will usually be in effect for some ― but not all ― of the warranty length.


In normal terms, this means that you, as the owner is responsible for covering a certain percentage of repair and replacement costs. This is initiated once the non-prorated coverage is invalid, and will continue until the warranty expires. In most cases, the percentage paid by the owner for prorated coverage will gradually increase every year until the warranty expires. Let’s say a mattress has a 20-year warranty with 10 years of non-prorated coverage. When prorated coverage begins at the beginning of the 11th year, the owner will typically be required to pay 50% of the replacement and repair costs; this number will then rise by increments of 5% for each successive year until the warranty ends.

Mattress buyers should carefully study the non-prorated and prorated terms of their mattress warranty. The two most important considerations are:

  1. The length of non-prorated coverage compared to the overall warranty length
  2. The percentage owed by the owner for repairs and replacement expenses during the prorated coverage period

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