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Online Mattress Savings

Online shopping saves time so why not make it save you money as well! Some sales are related to the time of year, while others are year-round or exclusive to specific sites. It’s good to know the various savings opportunities to you don’t have to worry about missing out on a great deal.

Coupon Codes

These codes are exclusively available for online purchases and are entered during the checkout process, usually when entering payment information. Online coupon codes offer price discounts and/or other perks. The discount can be for a percentage off the retail price, such as 10% off, or for a set amount, such as $50-$150 off. Perks may include free pillows, sheets, or other bedding along with the mattress.

Coupon codes will be directly on the site of mattress sellers. They may be shown in a banner ad or in a pop-up window. If you don’t see a code, you can ask for one using a site’s online chat feature. Third party websites may list coupon codes as well. Most mattress sellers change their promotional codes regularly. Frequently you will find that the codes are specialized for major sales events. For example, codes may relate to specific holidays and promotions being offered on those days.

Exclusive Online Discounts

Online mattress stores often partner with these sites, such as review sites, to reach more customers and offer them special promotions. It is common to find discounts of $50 to $150 off the mattress price. Some of these deals include free pillows or other perks on top of a price reduction.

As you are researching different mattresses, keep an eye out for these types of special offers on major sites and review pages. Lots of the deals offered through third-party sites are available outside of major holidays or other sales events, so they can let you capture huge savings regardless of when you are buying a mattress.

Free Shipping & Returns

Almost every company selling mattresses directly to consumers online will ship the mattress for free to the contiguous United States. Some companies will also ship free to Alaska and Hawaii. You also usually get a sleep trial period to test it out. For the majority of companies, if you decide you want to return the mattress, they’ll either pick it up or cover the cost of return shipping.

This can be a big difference relative to the costs charged by many brick-and-mortar mattress stores. When you take advantage of free shipping and returns along with coupon codes or other online-only discounts, it can mean huge savings and value.


Certain holidays and events reliably offer huge savings when buying a mattress online.

Cyber Monday – During this e-commerce sales holiday, you’ll see some of the biggest price reductions as sellers actively compete with one another. Special perks like free bedding can often be found on Cyber Monday. Sales may last the entire week.

Black Friday – Black Friday is a huge sales event in stores and online, and it tends to last the whole weekend. With sales offered on so many products and from basically all sellers, you can take advantage of price matching offers and find tremendous price breaks.

President’s Day – This holiday is one of the first sale days of the year and usually involves fresh coupon codes from virtually all of the online mattress sellers.

Memorial Day – This entire holiday weekend brings major savings opportunities. To compete with discounts in brick-and-mortar stores, online mattress companies provide steep price cuts and special deals.

Labor Day – Labor Day has long been a big discount day in the mattress industry, and that holds true online. Starting on the Friday before, look for new coupon codes, larger discounts, and other promotions.

Veterans Day – Veterans Day is an opportunity for mattress companies to generate sales before the holiday shopping season and then to plan inventory accordingly. For that reason, you’ll see the launch of new coupon codes and promos for most beds.

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