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Comfort Layers and how they help with sleep

Basically, these layers provide increased cushioning, pain aid and pressure relief. Thus, serving as a protective buffer between you and the internal support core, or mattress core. They are comprised of a basic top and bottom comfort layers surrounding the internal spring core, while foam and hybrid mattresses feature multiple levels of padding and foam throughout the comfort layer for additional cushioning. The largest component, known as the middle upholstery, is made of soft and supportive material to provide sleeper comfort. The innermost part, the insulator, separates the middle upholstery from the core. And the topmost component, quilting, adds an extra layer of comfort for the sleeper.

Today’s mattresses fall into three general comfort layer categories.

  1. Progressive models feature a thinner comfort layer that works in tandem with the mattress core to offer body-specific support.
  2. Differential mattresses have thick comfort layers that provide cushioning without the core.
  3. Zoned mattresses feature multiple comfort layers strategically placed to cushion certain areas of the body.

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