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Cleaning the slate, a.k.a. your mattress

You should always clean up these messes quickly and effectively to avoid damaging your mattress. Stay on top of big mattress messes with a thorough cleaning to keep your mattress clean and healthy. you may need to take things a step further if you have spots, stains, odors, or even bugs.

Get the bed bugs out

No one wants to think about bugs in their bed, but the reality is that bed bugs can happen even if you practice good mattress hygiene. All it takes is one trip for a few bed bugs to hitch a ride on your luggage and come home. But the good news is that most infestations can be treated. Clean all linens and other fabrics in the laundry and run it on hot to zap all of the bugs. You will also want to bag everything that cannot go into the washing machine and clean them separately to avoid spread.

Find as many bed bugs as you can on your mattress and vacuum them up. You can see what bed bugs and their eggs look like here. Use a flashlight, look in every nook and cranny, and go over every spot at least twice. Never use vacuum attachments with brushes or bristles. Bed bugs may cling to them. Bed bugs may have spread to other furniture, including your bed frame and dresser. Vacuum them up as you find them and be thorough. Look for eggs and search inside and under all furniture and drawers with a flashlight.

Get a mattress encasement to create a protective barrier on your mattress. Bed bugs won’t be able to get in or out of your mattress through the encasement. It may be unnerving to think that you could have bed bugs still living and trapped in your mattress, but they will starve and die eventually. The mattress encasement ensures they’ll have nothing new to eat and you won’t have a new infestation in your mattress. Consider vacuuming your mattress one more time before adding the encasement. Then, after one year vacuum up all remaining bugs in the encasement.

We should also add that you should clean every surface, even if it was not affected. Look in baseboards, cracks, and holes in walls. Scrape the surface of carpets or rugs with a vacuum attachment, then vacuum thoroughly to pull bed bugs out.

Treating Dust Mites

Dust mites make themselves at home in mattresses, feeding on human skin in warm, humid spots. They often aggravate allergies, making your mattress an uncomfortable place to sleep. But you can banish them from your bed with cleaning and preventive maintenance.

Clean your sheets regularly. Dust mites live on dead human skin and they find it in your sheets. Wash your sheets and pillows every week in hot water so you’re not giving dust mites anything to live on. You should also dry your sheets outside because direct sunlight kills dust mites. You should also consider replacing your pillow every six months to get rid of any dust mites living inside. Steamers also work very well to kill any dust mites living in your mattress, just be sure to vacuum them up after that. Use a crevice tool to get into quilting and other tight spots.

Finally, you can prevent dust mite from entering your mattress entirely by getting a mattress cover. It won’t keep dust mites out of your bedding, but it can keep them from burrowing into your mattress where they’re tougher to get rid of. Using a mattress cover, you’ll just need to stay on top of regularly washing your sheets and pillows.


This is a very common problem for people. These can come from sweat, accidents, and even food can end up on your mattress and leave a spot or stick around as a stain. You should take care of these as soon as you can to avoid letting the stains set, or have spots become odors or even mold.

Start by blotting thoroughly with a towel or other clean cloth to remove as much liquid as you can. You don’t want liquid to soak into your mattress and leave a stain or encourage mold growth or odor. Next, be sure to spray areas with a dish detergent mix: Let it sit, then scrub thoroughly. Repeat spraying, sitting and scrubbing a few times for stains that won’t come up easily. Be sure not to let your mattress get too wet by blotting up any excess moisture from the spray mix.

If you want to go above and beyond you can also try sprinkling baking soda on the tip for added freshness, odor fighting, and cleaning power. Just be sure to vacuum it up afterward. You can also use laundry detergent because of its ability to break up urine, blood, and other bodily fluids. Hydrogen peroxide will work as well. Do not use hot water, as it will set stains.


Left unchecked, mattress odors can interfere with your sleep and comfort and lead to bigger problems like bacteria and mold growth. Keep your mattress smelling fresh and healthy with odor removal. Use Baking soda, furniture sprays and then vacuum them up so that your mattress remains a pleasant sleeping environment.

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