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Buddy Knowledge on Natural Fibers

These fibers include cotton, wool, silk, horsehair and horsetail, bamboo, hemp, and coconut fibers and can be found in different combinations within your comfort layer. Below are some of the most common fibers you will find in your mattresses today, as well as what is great about them.


Most common material because it is so soft and breathable. It is also widely available and can come in organic form as a green alternative to standard cotton since the former is not grown with chemical fertilizers or pesticides.


The naturally absorbent fibers keep you cool during the hot times of the year and insulate from the cold when temperatures are lower. It is also stretchy giving a springy, flexible sleep surface. And because it resists fire and will self-extinguish flames, wool is considered a natural fire retardant. Organic wool is found in high-end mattresses, as well.


An elastic, absorbent fiber that will help regulate your temperature any time of year. For this reason, silk and wool are often found together in comfort layers.


Usually a bit more expensive, they are known to form excellent durability and bounciness. Horsehair fibers are short, whereas horsetail fibers are quite long, but both materials achieve the same effect when used in a comfort layer.


The fibers are breathable, absorbent and naturally bouncy, but can also withstand more bodily compression than other natural or synthetic materials.


Grows quickly and can handle high levels of compression before deteriorating. The material is also naturally dense, making it ideal for heavy-set sleepers.

Coconut fibers

Coconut coir is springy, absorbent and flame-resistant, and the material has also been praised for its stellar heat retention.


These include natural flexibility and breathability, heat resistance, absorbency, pleasant smells, eco-friendliness, and significantly longer lifespan. If you are interested in mattresses with natural fiber components in the comfort layer, be sure to try out several different varieties ― and compare prices ― in order to find your best match.


­Cost is a big thing with these natural fibers. They require additional processes and treatments to ensure they reach the right balance of softness and firmness and can withstand high levels of compression. These extra steps effectively drive up the price, even in mattresses with small amounts of natural fibers in the quilting. A Higher price tag is certainly warranted with most of these mattresses, but you may be able to find a cheaper foam model that addresses all of your individual sleep needs at a much lower cost.

Is this right for me?

Here are some considerations to make before purchasing a natural fiber mattress.

What fiber is used?

  • Every natural fiber used in mattress production carries specific benefits and drawbacks.

Are natural fibers organic?

  • Organic cotton, organic wool, and other organic fibers are certified to be free of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

How much of it is made up of natural fibers?

  • Some mattresses are made exclusively with natural fibers, while others contain only trace amounts. Ultimately you should select the mattress that provides the most comfort and support for you, but make sure you’re not paying too much for a mattress with low amounts of wool, silk and other natural materials.

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