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Buddy knowledge on Buckling Column Gel

This is a fairly new comfort layer on the market and has been quite popular from consumers and critics alike. As the technology has evolved, different variations of the buckling column gel system have appeared over the years. The gel itself is a dry-polymer substance with a smooth texture and a rubbery consistency. Most brands today use gel derived from mineral oil, but other acceptable options include polyurethane, silicone, PVC or acrylic gels.

How it works

Rows of gel-filled chambers called columns, or walls, which are located throughout the comfort layer. The columns are typically round or square but can vary in shape. The three components consist of a top, a bottom and at least one side wall. The number of columns is also highly variable, and some mattresses feature more than 1,000 individual chambers.

These columns respond to compression by buckling and will sink to different levels based on weight distribution. Columns under heavy or protruding areas like the shoulders, hips, buttocks, and heels will collapse, creating a contoured impression specific to your weight. Meanwhile, the columns that do not buckle will provide support to the lumbar region and other recessed or low-compression areas of your body. The top of the columns will be covered in a non-elastic fabric or material for an extra layer of firmness between the sleeper and the gel, while the bottom will be covered in elastic fabric to enhance the effects of the buckling.

Providing you with a tailor-made fit that targets your individual pressure points and supports your spinal alignment. The ultra-stretchy construction of the columns also ensures excellent shape retention and motion isolation. These mattresses also sleep exceptionally cool, as well.

Things to keep in mind

When you lie down it offers a crackling sensation that you may love or hate. So be sure to test it out in person. Otherwise, a gel mattress might not be right for you.

This new technology is not cheap. intelliBED, for instance, offers buckling column models starting at $2,500. Also beware: some brands may tout ‘gel mattresses’, but in some cases,  these will actually be memory foam models infused with gel beads (see above). These mattresses are usually much cheaper than their buckling column gel counterparts.

I would like this for my bedroom

If you are interested in owning a buckling column gel mattress, here are a few questions to ask before you buy:

  1. Does the gel mattress have buckling columns? If it does not, it is not the same as a mattress with buckling columns, but labels often omit this important distinction.
  2. What shape are the columns? Although all buckling column gel mattresses operate in the same fashion, you may have a different experience depending on whether the columns are square, round, hexagonal or H-shaped. Most brands specialize in beds with the same uniform chamber shape, so you may need to seek out multiple manufacturers to compare the columns.
  3. Will the crackling sensation bother me? You may have a hard time adjusting to the unique feeling of sleeping on a buckling column gel mattress. Keep this in mind if you are particular about how you sleep and what position you like.

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