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Project Description

Bed Buddy Reporting On: Helix Dawn Standard Mattress

Our research includes a 100 consecutive sleep test, so we can say, ‘YUP, this is what we found, because we really slept on it!’

All the details

FIRMNESS 7.0 (Firm)
WARRANTY 10-year limited warranty
Durability 2 – Helix mattresses have an average lifespan, but the company has only been selling mattresses for three years and their longevity has not yet been accurately assessed.
Motion Isolation 3 – Helix mattresses isolate motion and minimize nighttime disruptions to a noticeable extent, which is better than average for hybrid models.
Off-gassing 3 – Helix Sleep mattresses typically produce a small amount of off-gassing that usually dissipates within a couple of days.
Conforming 3 – The foam used in these mattresses does not conform as closely as memory foam, but Helix owners say they experience a fair amount of pressure and pain relief.
Sex 3 – Helix mattresses have good responsiveness for sex, as is typical of hybrid models.
Temperature Neutrality 3 – Helix mattresses tend to sleep somewhat cool compared to other hybrids, as polyfoam retains less body heat than memory foam.
Edge Support 4 – Helix Sleep hybrids feature pocketed coil support cores reinforced with high-density foam base layers, giving the bed strong edge support.
Noise 3 – Helix Sleep mattresses produce some noise, but are fairly quiet compared to other coil-based models.
Light side sleeper under 130 LBS 3
Average side sleeper between 130 LBS – 230 LBS 2
Heavy side sleeper over 230 LBS 2
Light back sleeper under 130 LBS 3
Average back sleeper between 130 LBS – 230 LBS 4
Heavy back sleeper over 230 LBS 3
Light stomach sleeper under 130 LBS 2
Average stomach sleeper between 130 LBS – 230 LBS 2
Heavy stomach sleeper over 230 LBS 2
Firmness Rating 7.0 (Firm)
Thickness 10″
Support Core Components High-IFD Transitional Polyfoam

Pocketed Coils

HD Polyfoam Base Layer

Comfort Layer Components 2.45 PCF Polyfoam
Cover Components Dual-layer Stretch Polyester
Twin 38W” x 75L” x 10”
Twin Extra Long (XL) 38W” x 80L” x 10”
Full 54″W x 75L” x 10”
Queen 60W” x 80L” x 10”
King 76W” x 80L” x 10”
California King 72W” x 84L” x 10”
Twin $600
Twin Extra Long (XL) $700
Full $850
Queen $995
King $1,245
California King $1,245
Sleep trial 100 Nights
Refund Full
Warranty 10-year limited warranty
Warranty Transfer Non-Transferable
Delivery Helix Sleep mattresses are compressed, roll-packed, and boxed for shipping.
Availability Helix Sleep ships mattresses anywhere in the United States and Canada.
White Glove Delivery Not Available
Old Mattress Removal Not Available
Customer Service 7 out of 10 owner experiences show that customers have had a positive experience with Helix Sleep, irrespective of whether or not they liked their mattress.
Company History Helix Sleep began selling mattresses in 2015.
BBB Rating Not Available
Physical Stores Helix Sleep operates one brick-and-mortar showroom in New York City that is open to customers by appointment only. Visitors can book an appointment online
Phone 1-888-330-0781

Bed Buddy Report | Verdict |

  • ‘Firm’ firmness, targeted cushioning, and balanced support suitable for back sleepers
  • Identical to Helix Twilight Standard, but with 2.45 instead of 2.5 PCF Poly Foam. Slightly lower density means it’s a bit softer.
  • A range of different hybrid models varying in firmness and targeted cushioning


  • Customizable mattress firmness and dual firmness options offered by Helix
  • Good motion isolation and no noise
  • Free shipping anywhere in the U.S.
  • Hassle-free return policy


  • Questionable durability
  • Limited height options
  • 30-night break-in period with sleep trial

Bed Buddy Report | Findings |

Helix Sleep offers hybrid mattresses made with dual-layer covers, polyfoam comfort systems, and pocketed coil support cores reinforced with polyfoam base layers.

Helix Sleep offers full mattress customization. Customers are asked to fill out a questionnaire that discusses their height, weight, firmness preferences, sleep position, and other factors. Based on these results, Helix Sleep will recommend one of the following six mattress models; each individual model offers a unique combination of firmness and support.  This review is based on the Helix Dawn Standard model that provides firm firmness, targeted cushioning, and balanced support.

Helix Sleep hybrids with targeted cushioning conform closely, making them optimal for side sleepers, while those with moderate support do not conform as much and are suitable for all sleep positions. Lighter individuals may feel most comfortable on models with balanced support, while those who weigh 130 pounds or more tend to prefer the models with extra support.

Helix Sleep also offers two mattresses with dual-firmness, the Helix Dual Balanced (with targeted cushioning and balanced support) and the Helix Dual Extra (with moderate cushioning and extra support). Both of these models have one ‘Soft’ side and one ‘Firm’ side, making them suitable for couples with differing preferences. Lastly, the Helix Nightfall is a hybrid designed for larger, heavier individuals. This mattress has an additional layer of memory foam for maximum support.

My review of Helix Sleep mattresses found that the customizable selection accommodates sleepers with a wide range of body types and firmness preferences. The mattresses also offer strong edge support, isolate motion transfer well, and produce less noise than the average hybrid.


What Type of Sleeper Is Best Suited for a Helix Sleep Mattress? 

Based on my customer feedback, Helix Sleep mattresses have received the following grades among sleepers of different weights and preferred sleep positions. Please note that these ratings are subjective, and that everyone has varying experiences on different mattresses. Sleeper comfort and spinal support are the most important factors when it comes to selecting a mattress.

As you can see, mattresses from Helix Sleep are suitable for most sleepers regardless of their body type or sleep position thanks to the customizable design. Completing the Helix Sleep questionnaire accurately is key to finding the best mattress for you and your partner. However, one notable drawback is a lack of profile options; with the exception of the 12″ Helix Nightfall, all Helix Sleep mattresses are 10″ thick. This may be limiting for sleepers whose profile preferences are less or greater than 10″.

For more information on sleeping positions please see my guides for side, back, stomach and combination sleepers.


My testing process found Helix Sleep mattresses should also be great for you if…

  • You’re looking for a hybrid mattress with more options.
  • Your body type falls outside the average weight group (130 to 230 pounds).
  • You experience pain and pressure points in your neck, shoulders, lower back, and other sensitive areas on a regular basis.
  • You and your sleep partner have differing firmness preferences, in which case a dual-firmness model may be the best option.

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